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Product/Service review and development of an International Strategic Plan

Identification of competitive advantages; review product/service potential in global markets and outline an expansion plan; analyze options for best method(s) of international expansion; establish network of key providers (both in-house and subcontracted) to support international expansion effort (e.g. lead development; logistics; legal issues; payment processing; etc.). Realistically identify the total expenses associated with international expansion, including organizational costs (such as human & financial resources); and understand the requirements and costs of any needed documentation, certifications, permits, etc. associated with expansion efforts in different markets.

Target market evaluation & Action Plan for export of goods and/or services

Fully develop the international expansion plan, selecting key target markets and detailing concrete key steps required to implement the plan. Confirm target market characteristics and attributes based on research and market intelligence; identify appropriate events and activities in-country to support expansion objectives, as well as available resources and in-country organizations which can support the company’s objectives.

Identify & develop key business relationships in selected markets

Identify and develop relationships in target markets with key public and private entities to assist with activities such as lead development; market information & intelligence; local business culture, laws and norms for doing business in-country; etc.

Assist and support in-country negotiations and vetting of potential partners

Facilitate the development of in-country business relationships via background checks and other vetting procedures in regards to potential local business partners & providers; work with in-country business and public organizations to confirm reputation and operational record of local companies.

Advise international companies regarding how to successfully establish operations in the United States

Provide foreign based companies with information, recommendations and key contacts in order to facilitate their successful establishment of operations in the U.S. market. Activities could include: selection of most appropriate locations for an office or other facility; identification of public & private sector resources to facilitate the company’s objectives; lead development in regards to search for distributors, representatives, or local staff; market research & intelligence; identify providers for key functions such as immigration law; federal, state & local taxes; relocation services for executive staff transferring to the U.S.; etc.

Advise public & private entities about how to increase inward foreign direct investment flows (FDI); as well as how to effectively facilitate increased exports of goods and services

Provide expert guidance on how to perform two key functions which will increase economic activity and create jobs:

1) Organizing and managing an effective export promotion program, with a focus on SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises)

2) Increasing inward FDI flows by improving the investment climate and implementing an effective promotional campaign to reach key decision makers in the global business community.